• With pleasing personality
  • With pleasing personality
  • At least 5’5 ft. tall
  • Any 4 years course
  • Computer literate
  • Knowledgeable in Microsoft Office
  • Female



Maintain overall supervision, control and proper operations in the service reception area, warranty administration and fleet/ insurance accounts operations.


• Maintain the Toyota Standard Operating procedures of the Service Reception Group.

1.a. Ensure the adequate number of Service Advisors in the reception area.
1.b. Ensure the proper knowledge (via- trainings, in-house and/or TMP sponsored) and flow of responsibilities of the Service Advisor group as well as any support group to the reception (i.e. CRO, back-up receptionist, etc.).
1.c. Maintain all other Toyota specified operating procedures and accompanying logistical requirements in the reception area (i.e. seat covers, floor mats, number blocks, reception documentations, etc.).

• Maintain and ensure proper operations of the warranty administration group.

2.a. Ensure adequate number of warranty processors and support personnel.
2.b. Ensure availability of warranty references, records and forms.
2.c. Ensure proper knowledge (via trainings, in-house and /or TMP- sponsored) and flow of responsibilities of warranty provisions of TOYOTA (on local and TW claims), its processing procedures and schedules of submissions (documents and failed parts).

• Coordinate with workshop proper the units received for service and repair through the Workshop Superintendent and Job Control Group.

• Through Workshop Superintendent, coordinate parts availability and supply with Parts Department.

• In coordination with the Service Administration Group, maintain and supervise operations of the workshop with regard to:

5.a. Fleet Servicing Accounts – from customer contact to completion services.
5.b. Insurance claims on Service Repair works – from reception to delivery.